Annual Seed Swap
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Annual Seed Swap
Event Date: 1/25/2020   Time: 11am-1pm
Sponsor: :Land Trust of Bucks County
Location: Plumsteadville Grange, 5901 Old Easton Road, Plumsteadville, PA

The Land Trust of Bucks County is hosting a community-wide seed swap. The Land Trust of Bucks County is a nonprofit nationally accredited Land Trust dedicated to the preservation and protection of farmland, natural resources, wildlife habitats, biodiversity and scenic vistas throughout Bucks County, Pennsylvania and is proud to host its second annual seed swap event at the Plumsteadville Grange.

Seed swapping has been a long time tradition in the gardening world. People have been trading seeds since the first crops were raised often as part of an annual harvest celebration. By trading seed, you are able to develop and diversify your seed supply. It’s also a great way to meet some other local gardeners and start a dialog about horticulture and share the wealth of your own growing efforts.

One of the great benefits of attending a local seed swap is that you get seed from plants that have survived your region’s growing conditions. It’s locally adapted seed, which should bring good yields for you. If you buy fresh seeds every year from a garden center, catalogue, or other supplier, you know the costs can quickly add up. Whereas, saving your own seeds and trading them with others is completely free, other than taking a little time in the process. You will also find many unique varieties that simply don’t exist in the catalogues. The majority of store-bought seeds come from somewhere else. And the parent plants could have grown in conditions completely different from your local environment.

A seed swap is also a low cost way for you to expand your garden.  The Land Trust of Bucks County’s Seed Swap on January 25, 2020 is a free event! Just bring some packets of your garden’s seeds to trade.  Heirloom seed varieties from the Seed Savers Exchange in Decorah Iowa will be available for exchange. In addition both Burpee Seed Company and Dublin Agway have donated seed packets for the exchange and all participants will receive a free packet of a wildflower and native grass seed from the Land Trust of Bucks County.

National Seed Swap Day is the last Saturday in January so join us at this wonderful event.

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